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Chatting with Poppy

*We aim to aspire to inspire as we chat to others, picking their brains, exploring their gifts and practices.

All posts are raw & unedited because f**k none of us are perfect & it is time to celebrate that - I'm here for the honest & real, you?

Who is Poppy? Hehe this is constantly changing! My instagram bio says I am a Holistic Kinesiologist, Spiral Practitioner, Human Design Reader & a Creative. But of course Poppy is so much more than that! I think the title I resonate with the most with at the moment is that of The Creative. I also work in fashion for a beautiful brand as well as recently starting my own (fine.and.dandy._) and I am also loving exploring the world of content creation on social media. I am never not creating something whether thats a new session style for my healing business, designing apparel for fine & dandy, attempting a DIY project or photographing something I find beautiful. It took me a while to feel comfortable with being so many things at once and to put all of these different projects into the world, but we are multifaceted beings and constantly evolving and I hope that my courage to explore the many parts of myself and let go of the concern of what others might think can in some small way inspire another to do the same. This is what I love to share with my clients in my Kinesiology work and Human Design Readings - to start living in a way that is more joyful and authentic to them, regardless of what they have been told, taught or conditioned to believe. To support them in accessing their confidence, courage and self belief to start their own creative project or business and to let go of the subconscious beliefs they might be holding onto that are limiting their capacity to receive success, love and everything they dream of!

Your experience learning, exploring and practicing Kinesiology? Receiving my first few Kinesiology sessions was a catalyst for aligning with my true self and finding the confidence to share her with the world. I began my journey quite shy, stuck and disconnected from my deeper self and incredibly worried what others thought about me. Exploring the world of Kinesiology helped me step into my independence, activated my intuition that I didn’t think was possible and a self love that I am now so grateful for. Then learning Kinesiology was so exciting, it was a language I understood quite effortlessly as it just felt right and made sense to me. For a long time I had no idea what I wanted to study or offer the world and the year I spent studying felt purposeful and focussed. Now practicing Kinesiology is such a joy, I love to deeply connect with people and so I created my 2 hour sessions to be a sanctuary for my clients to feel deeply seen, heard and understood. Its not often we gift ourselves that amount of time away from our busy lives to focus on nothing but ourselves. This sacred time together can bring up a lot of realisations and spark lots of inspiration for my clients to make wonderful and often scary changes in their life! I always finish a Kinesiology session feeling lit up as I have witnessed someone step into deeper self love, self worth, self confidence and self reverence. As you will take on so many others energy, how do you replenish yours? I find that I need lots of alone time, back in my own energy field to let go of anything I have picked up during the day. Water for me is always a cleansing resource and I love a fresh swim in the ocean, a hot epsom salt bath or even a simple shower with a cold blast to cleanse and re-set. I also drink a lot of clean filtered water and always recommend that my clients do the same post session to help everything we shifted be cleansed through their system. I also love to lay on my bed with my feet up the wall or on the beach in the sunshine with a good book, I love cuddling my cat, watching the sunset over the ocean with my partner and maybe watch an episode or two of Bridgerton or Outlander hehe.

Currently, what are you working on business wise? I am currently fine tuning the details of a new creative mentoring that weaves in Kinesiology and Human Design to support my clients in launching or starting their dream creative projects or businesses. Helping them to discover their own unique way of listening to their intuition, how to create a business that suits their energy type and remembering to believe in themselves every step of the way. I am also loving designing products and apparel for my lifestyle brand fine and dandy which I do along side my fiancé Nick. We have many dream business ideas and would love to one day have our own physical space that will be a hub for healing, creativity, wellness, music, fashion and fun!

What sets your soul on fire? Having a creative idea and the feeling of seeing it come to life and completion, seeing someone heal and transform right before my eyes in a session, supporting someone with their own creative ideas, spending time with my fiancé, cat and family, watching a magical sunrise or sunset, stepping into crisp & clear water on a sunny day, anything colourful and a delicious big bowl of pasta!

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