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About OHTI 

OHTI began as a platform that sold apparel and wellness. Organically, the focus has evolved, honing in on elevated accessories for daily use. Through these collaborations, we engage with people worldwide, both in making our products and sharing journal posts.

Committed to collaborating and creating with people gifted in their practice.

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Celebrating others through online offerings, this space delves into themes of self-love, personal growth, and passion, delving into the nuances of introspection within and beyond to foster a sense of connection and belonging, building a supportive community through our shared experiences and values. 

Our products are crafted both locally and internationally. 

The socks are made through a connection between the wife of a textile industry worker who runs a small business while caring for her child. 

Ochim and his team in Indonesia skillfully craft scarves, with whom we have cultivated a longstanding relationship. 

Alex in Bali, a close friend and supporter of OHTI, has been instrumental in our journey, he is the motivator of creation of OHTI as it was created to support him during the pandemic. 

Sally from Soma, based in Jakarta, we work on various projects that produce limited-edition items that reflect our shared vision and I truly admire her skill.

In addition to our curated offerings, we proudly showcase products from artisans who align with our ethos. We are stockists of Bau Bau by Suku Home, Hinu, and Loco-Love. 

OHTI is a space that creates for the joy of creativity and connection. 


Our products are currently stocked in communities across Australia and New Zealand. 


Find our stockists here

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