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About Us

A space dedicated to purpose and passion. Creating accessories for the body and mind. 


OHTI is constantly innovating and always evolving to align to personal and global development. OHTI is like a sister, someone who wants to make you feel good, someone who wants your soul to feel alive, who cares for internal and external wellbeing, someone you can pour a hot brew and get in the zone with. 

OHTI will be a platform where you can celebrate that feeling with others through a collection of information to get your mind ticking, to embrace new knowledge to help keep yourself in balance, to start conversations about shit that matters, yourself and your health. 

I endeavour to share as many things that gets my soul on fire, doesn’t necessarily mean it does for you, but I’m tired of scrolling the socials and coming out with fuzz mind, I guess this is the type of website I enjoy looking at, so why not make a passion a platform? Putting positive, passionate energy out. 


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