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Love Letters is an opportunity to let others connect, feel comfort, laugh, go into hard-core thinking, analyse their own behaviours, or simply just to share.

It can be something you would like to get off your chest,  An experience that you would like to share but be anonymous, A public journal entry, because sharing is caring, right?

We are all navigating this wild yet beautiful world. 

You could enter as much or little as you feel. Deep, dark, humorous, juicy, hit it us some one liners, we don't mind, it is up to you!

You can write an alias name, your own, or anonymous. 

Journal Feature

Be featured in the blog. Connect with us through the same form. Submit yourself or someone you know. We will contact you / them in the next day or two with a series of journal prompts.

Blog features promote connection. Exploration. Reflection. Inspiring, supporting and entertaining others from personal experiences and growth. Exploring topics of business, self-love, growth, challenge, innovation, excellence, failure and everything in between. 


We are always super keen to connect and share your gifts and practice and they deserve to be recognised. 

Have questions? Feeling hesitant? Shoot us an email, even if it is just for a chat. 


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