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Chatting with Britt & Nikka from Every Body's Bootiful

*We aim to aspire to inspire as we chat to others, picking their brains, exploring their gifts and practices.

All posts are raw & unedited because f**k none of us are perfect & it is time to celebrate that - I'm here for the honest & real, you?

A little bit about both of you?

We are sisters and for as long as we can remember we have both always been big dreamers. Together we are each other's biggest supporters. We see no limitations and are always thinking of new ways to inspire others to love themselves and live a life that sets their soul on fire. And then together we can also be extremely hopeless, and can often take 3 hours to record a 10 minute video due to numerous laughing fits and failed attempts.

We are equal parts unstoppable and equal parts laughable at all the tests we've faced on the road to creating this biz together..

But we wouldn't change it for the world, for we believe every speed bump is placed on our path, not for us to suffer, but for us to grow, evolve and gain a deeper understanding & firey passion as we embark on this journey to help others.

Britt: Hi I'm Brittany, Co-Creator of E.B.B, and an Australian singer-songwriter. I like to describe myself as a ’Delusional Optimist’ (it’s the Sagittarius in me hehe) and I’m pretty certain I was singing and dancing before I could even talk. Growing up in the singing and acting industry I always struggled to fully love myself & know my worth.

However it was these struggles that actually inspired my sister and I to start up the self-love movement with Every Body’s Bootiful. You see, I know what it’s like to not feel good enough, to constantly have negative thoughts about yourself & not know your own worth! Trust me I’ve been there. And this is why I’m so passionate about helping others, women especially; realise their own worth, love themselves unconditionally & tap into the limitless power they hold within. I also aspire to do the same with my music ~ I write about my own real life struggles & experiences in hopes to make others feel less alone & inspire them to never give up on their dreams.

Nikka: I'm Nikka! The other half to E.B.B AND also sis to Britt. I am also a pilates and dance teacher and love camping out in nature & getting in the ocean and sunshine as often as I can. I also like long walks on the beach with my dog too if you were wondering hehe.

Growing up as a dancer & one of those kids that did every after school sport imaginable, I was always someone who valued my health & fitness greatly. From a young age, I always wanted to be the best, most authentic version of myself & believed with my whole heart that absolutely everything & anything was possible. E.B.B is simply a reflection of my passion to inspire & uplift others to love themselves & follow what sets their soul on fire. I want to support women just like YOU, never settle for anything less than you deserve and to constantly remind you of the beauty & power that lies within each & every one of you.

Every body's Bootiful has a strong ethos of creating a body positive space.

What are your personal experiences with body image?

How do you share body image wisdom? What is your best advice?

When creating E.B.B, our biggest goal in mind was to to bring a more body-positive, FUN & high-vibe energy into the fitness industry, and to help women learn to love, accept & APPRECIATE themselves & their bodies. You see, our philosophy is simple; we want to encourage & inspire women to move & celebrate their bodies, simply because WE CAN!

The idea came to us when we were both going through our own journeys with body-image and not feeling worthy in our skin.

Like we mentioned above, we both grew up in the entertainment industry and so were forever surrounded by a very-looks driven world, constantly feeling the pressure to look this way, eat that, do this, ect…

We both remember days, where we would just stare in the mirror and hate on our legs. On our appearance. And then one day we released how silly we were being.

You see, we had come across a story of a girl who had lost the ability to walk. A girl that was so vibrant and still so happy. And it hit it us.


And so, we changed our mindset. And the whole game changed.

We started moving, not to look a certain way. Not because we felt the pressure to do so. But because we could. Because we had the privilege to do so.

We realised that there are so many people out there that can’t move so easily.

That don’t share the same privilege that we do. And so we moved for them too.

And movement started to become this big celebration. And with this new perspective ~ our relationships with our bodies bloomed into this big beautiful thing filled with immense love & gratitude.

We saw ourselves and our bodies in a new light, and we just thought, if this is the effect moving and celebrating our bodies ~ E.B.B style ~ has had on us, then we cannot wait for other women to feel this way too. Because like we always say, every body deserves to feel bootiful.

So in short, our biggest advice would be to shift your perspective & practice gratitude daily. Stop comparing. Period. And give thanks each morning for all your body does for you, all it allows you to do, to see & experience.

Often in life we can get so caught up in the hustle, that we forget to stop and appreciate all that we have, all that we are, and all the magic surrounding us.

What does a class look like?

We have 5 class styles here at E.B.B.

High Vibez ~ Dance-Cardio.

Juicy Vibez ~ Pilates Burn.

Sweaty Vibez ~ Cardio Pilates.

Sassy Vibez ~ Hiphop Dance.

Soulful Vibez ~ Slow Flow Pilates.

All embodying the same philosophy. Moving to celebrate & love on our bodies. The aim is to deliver strong, fun and inviting workouts for all, that not only benefit women physically, but mentally too.

So we don’t bore you with long descriptions of each class ~ we will tell you about one of our fav classes, that was actually the birth of E.B.B itself.

Our signature dance-cardio workout, (originally known as Every Body’s Bootiful) is designed to make your bod glow with sweat & you beaming with self-love & endorphins. High Vibez combines the benefits of pilates principles to tone & strengthen - with high energy, fun, dance-inspired, hiphop movements to give the bod an overall cardio hit.

Which means you’re gonna walk out of this 45min class feeling like a boss b*tch and buzzing with all them feel-good endorphins. We love that for you sis.

We also always finish off our classes with an essential oil infused, self-love meditation ~ focusing our bootiful clients attention toward all the incredible things our bodies allow us to do. With the intention of creating a deeper love & appreciation for the bootiful vessels we get to move & walk around in.

Our classes are meant to be fun. Judgement free and leave you feeling more confident in your bod, more empowered in your being and have you feeling supported and loved by all.

A fun movement suggestion for anyone who cannot attend one of your classes?

Yes we love this one. So the idea around E.B.B is obvs to help women change their relationship with their bodies and moving. We want movement to feel like a celebration and to constantly help women feel deep love & gratitude for their body and their ability & privilege to move. So a couple years back we created the #HIGHVIBEMOVEMENT.

As you would have worked out by now, we believe the best way to raise your vibration is to celebrate yourself & your body by moving to your fav, high vibing music.

So any time you feel you need to release any icky or stagnant energy in the bod & raise your vibez ~ we challenge you to blast your fav song & to just start moving & dancing around your house.

Not only will you get an endorphin rush, but starting your day like this, will help get that happy hormone (serotonin) pumping through your bod.

As you move, try to repeat in your head:

‘I am high vibe & magic is all around me.”

And just keep repeating this positive affirmation until you really feel it.

This movement, like everything we do here at E.B.B ~ is all about celebrating women & their bodies. It's about starting your day with high vibez & good energy, to raise your vibration and allow you to attract more magic & abundance into your life.

We have a strict YOU DO YOU BOO(tiful) policy here at E.B.B & we reiterate this throughout all

of our classes and life in general. As we believe there is nothing more bootiful & powerful than a woman embodying all that makes her unique and owing who she is; inside & out.

To join the H.V Movement, have a look at our story highlights on our insta and enjoy celebrating all of YOU.

Lastly, what sets your souls on fire?

We thought we’d answer this one collectively as while performing, has always been one of our greatest passions and longest loves ~ nothing sets our soul on fire more than the feeling we get, when we know we have impacted the lives of other women. We both have this burning desire and passion to help as many people as possible feel worthy in their skin & to not be afraid to be their most authentic, unapologetic selves.

Over the years, along with our classes, we have held many women's empowerment events & workshops, along with our very own wellness festival ~ all with the intention in mind to influence & inspire women to love themselves a little more than when they arrived.

And with each encounter we have had with these women over the years, nothing will ever compare to the energy of a room filled with like-minded individuals. All supporting and holding space for one another. All on their own journeys with the same goal in mind. And what a bloody magical feeling it is, to help encourage women to learn to love themselves and their bodies unconditionally. To say goodbye to societal pressures and expectations. To stop comparing ourselves to one another and instead, lift each other up. To guide women to embrace every little part of who they are; inside and out & to inspire them to live a life that sets their soul on fire. I guess that, knowing that we are helping, even just one person love themselves a little more. Helping them realise their worth and the great power within them ~ that is what gets us out of bed in the morning. That feeling. That fire to help others; that is what sets a sparkle in our eyes and a feeling in our heart, like no other.

At the end of the day if we can just help one of you feel more love towards yourself & more confidence in your body and all that you are, then we can sleep knowing we've accomplished all we placed here to do. Big love & high vibez


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