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Chatting to Angie from Nawa Na Sai

*We aim to aspire to inspire as we chat to others, picking their brains, exploring their gifts and practices.

All posts are raw & unedited because f**k none of us are perfect & it is time to celebrate that - I'm here for the honest & real, you?

This is a recap of my zoom with Angie, a New York Based designer. It was so lovely - eeeeek. Written by Elle about Angie based on the conversation.

To begin, It was lovely to chat about the intention of the blog, in person (well online). How it is to delve into others artistry, their passion and how this path doesn’t come easy, it's with hard work, challenges and constant innovation and evolving. This perfectly summarises everyone on the blog and my attraction, awe in Angie. For the next few minutes, I was trying to pronounce - Nawa Na Sai, similar to Angie, because it just sounded so beautiful. We laughed for a bit as I claimed I was sounding like a “bogan”, (which, if you have ever had to explain, is hard). I came across Nawa Na Sai, on my shop page of instagram. The algorithm working it wonders. It must really know my weakness. “That's so amazing that like someone from Australia saw it, and I'm so grateful that like that happen”.

Who is Angie?

She is a Korean women, living in New York City. Who is making, enjoys making and is currently making lots of things. She grew up in a medium sized family and is a middle child, which she says is kind of like her identity, she hangs out with lots of middle children's friends. She was back and forth from Korea to Canada to study which she states how grateful, nice, crazy it was. After school she decided to go to an art school to study textiles in New York, “Thats like a fairytale story” - Elle. After, she tried a few jobs, they didn’t work out and thought “fuck it, I want to freelance, I want to do whatever I want” This led her to buying a Loom and started this journey of weaving. Reflecting on our conversation and a theme throughout our conversation was the importance of backing yourself. Nothing makes my soul on fire more than hearing people do just this.

Is weaving something you’ve always been interested in?

The starting point for Angie, was in High School where her teacher would share her passion and love of textiles (aspiring to inspire, always) she showed her a video of her thesis project which was a woven animation. She expresses her gratitude for this teacher and how she completely opened up a whole new realm of textiles, making yarn into an art form. Angie chats about how the mechanics, the machines and the looms and how exposure to this created a deep interest, it felt really complimentary to her personality of being hands on, complicated structures, building and how the Architectural part really gravitated her into it. For me, I’ve never seen bags like this before, Angie was completely opening up my world about a whole new type of artistry.

Curious as I was of how does it happen?

Me “how tightly are these things woven?” “How do you get them into the shape?”

“So basically the vertical so woven and knits are different and crochets are also different woven, are when vertical threads, neat horizontal threads and they overlap”. They are made by a big ass machine, with vertical threads torte and connected to pedals, you would press the pedals, they would go up, push the horizontal grids across it and it would close. How do you get the most beautiful bag, from a big industrial machine? Tension, and keeping the size immaculate, calculating the yarns thickness (what patience). Her sculptural bags are created by using two fabrics and before closing off, she will add stuffing. Wow. At this point I'm in total awe.

How long and how many times did you fuck up before you reached this point? or was it all meant to be?

Angie purchased the loom in 2017 winter. She had a frustration with flat design and had a strong interest in sculptural weaving. It started off with the art being more sheer, creating wall pieces. She knew that the original fabric she developed would need to be adjusted for wearable art, the perfect amount of loose but tight. Lots of attempts. Although, it gradually happened through making wall pieces, testing durability and organically occurred. This shows so much skill. Ahhhh makes me so happy and honoured to share people who are dedicated to their practice.

What has been your favourite moment so far of this journey? “Have you been able to celebrate how great you are?”

"The photoshoot" Her friend took the images and it was her first time organising - WOW! . It was the first time ever she saw her work in person. It really made her “proud” and “amazed”. Having the human body interact with something she made was a really lovely moment. I don't doubt this for a moment, the imagery is amazing.

Could there be more wall hangings?

After this collection is out she was thinking of doing more wall hangings, than bags and continue this pattern, for concept and idea building. But, for right now, we will be seeing more bags and textile experiments, and when the wall hangings align, do more. Currently, in the design stage and while visiting her family in Korea, she is looking into seeing if there is opportunities to create there also. “What a great connection that would be of home” - Elle.

Was your colour selection intentional?

Green is a colour that defines neutrality and balance. A secondary colour.

The brand meaning, in between me and I. For every collection I want to develop the ideas of in between. So, green holds a really big resemblance of the brand. For me, this bag tickles all my fantasies, easy to style, perfect mix of feminine and masculine, an accent.

How do you share your gift with others?

This was a common thought for her. The process of giving and taking gifts. She is surrounded by all these talented people in New York, a city she loves and admires the peoples ability to share with each other, as natural teachers. In her “bubble” it is a cycle of giving and taking, growing together, being supported by each other. She gives lots of praise to her friends, their support, critique, "it was one of the most important things to happen for my designs". Talented, warm people, giving support. Wow. What a beautiful, inspiring, expressive community.

Is New York just really high energy like I picture it to be?

Angie at the point pretty much has me looking for flights straight over there. Mentioning that of course it has negatives but selling the city to me; the people are great, they are expressive and not afraid to express themselves, people believe in themselves, "full of consistency in themselves".

Something she has learnt through this process?

Creating for others, isn’t a thing. Angie learnt the hard way, making for friends wants and needs. She shared, “and if no-one likes, or like one person likes it, that is fine, I just need to like it first” - Amen.

What sets her soul on fire?

Angie: Lots, “making things make my soul at peace, making the bags makes me at peace, I could meditate while doing it, but what sets my soul on fire is peoples energy, I love music, I DJ on the side, I like music, but it is the energy I see once I turn it on, the way they portray their emotions”.

I really enjoyed Angies energy, connecting with her on the internet reminds me how beautiful it can be. I loved chatting to her. Thank you xx

Connect, ask questions, anything below xxxxxx


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