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Chatting with Aja

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Who is Aja?

An average girl, who wants to be a mermaid.

What are your current dreams and aspirations? What are you manifesting?

I am always planning and creating new ventures and ideas, but honestly, the last year has been quite flat with the current situation we find ourselves in. I feel like I’m just waiting for something to change so I can move forward, which is totally the wrong approach. I've decided that we can’t go on wishing and waiting for the world to change because our dreams are not dependent on a liberated society, a liberated society is us living our dreams and when that takes place, we will see the change in which we wish to see in this world. So this year

for me is all about making my dreams manifest. I want to create my own retreat here in Byron, I’ve also got an exciting product range I’ve been working on and I am so passionate about natural medicine and Ayurveda that I want to study and be more informed.

In regards to business, what was the journey like owning a surf, yoga & wellness retreat in Sri Lanka? How did you land this opportunity? What were your early business experiences like?

Honestly, it wasn’t ever really about business, until it was a business. All I did was what I loved and was determined to share that feeling with others. It never was driven by money or some idea of being a successful businesswoman. Naturally, things just fall into place when you have the right integrity. We really do have the immense inner power to create the life we desire and manifest our dreams.

I fell in love with Sri Lanka, the raw culture, genuine people, amazing food and all of its hidden beauty. I went back three years in a row to live for about 3 to 6 months at a time.

Then In 2019, myself and a friend, that I met in Bali leased a beautiful property and made our dream come alive. The whole idea was to share our passions. We renovated a beautiful old jungle house, in a real local community, the fact that we were two young female girls starting a business in a poor, male-dominated community made it a bit of a struggle, nonetheless, lots of life lessons learnt.

We did day retreats involving surfing, yoga, nutrition, cooking classes and self-love workshops.

Molly studied international development, so part of the retreat was about giving back to the local community. We ran events for the local kids. She taught them yoga and meditation, I taught surfing, swimming and ocean awareness. We hoped that through the retreat we could help the local people benefit from the tourism industry like we were.

When covid happened I packed up my life and retreat in Sri Lanka, I knew it was time to come home to Australia. Traveling and living all over the world was amazing but there was a part of me that craved a sense of community and stability. I came to Byron, and everything fell into place within months of being here. I had a catering business without even planning it. I think by using the challenges and adversities in life as opportunities to grow and learn, something positive can come out of almost any difficult situation.

Did your past experiences and lifestyle choices create a natural transition into sharing wellness via your plant-based food catering?