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Afternoon Pick Me Up's?

I do find writing personal, informative posts the hardest. Although, I like to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw, I do feel a little phoney as sometimes, I don't take my own advise. I have struggled for many years in the afternoon, whether it's been due to diet, drinking coffee, lack of sleep, alcohol, the list could go on. It wasn't until last year where you could say 'I got my shit together' health wise, where I figured out what worked, that I started feeling a little arvo buzz. Here are some recommendations if you feel the same, to replenish and revive after a big day. (Some you need to do during also) Now that I'm studying, I get to learn the science behind it all and I would like to share it with you. It's nothing new, just a reminder.


Being dehydrated actually is the same feeling as an arvo slump. You lack energy, are larthargeic and can be restless. It is important you drink at least 2L of water a day, especially since our body is made up mostly of water.


Sometimes I need to force myself into this, I know how good it will feel, the benefits and the positive outcome but I seem to scroll. Get outside, go for a walk, stretch. I like to say, I'll give myself 20 minutes of me time. When you set your brain a small goal like this, watch the dopamine hit when you finish, giving you positive thoughts and encouragement next time you do the same thing, soon you will create a habit and healthy habits are what you want.


Get some fresh oxygen into your body, count in; one-----two-----three---- and breathe out one ----- two----three. Repeat this many times, let go that days stress's.


Had a shit day? Write it out. When you release your bad thoughts onto paper, it allows you to sit with that thought, re-read and justify is it worth thinking about? If you are like me, and need to tell someone annoying shit thats happened, I find this way, I feel like i've got it out, released it from my mind. I often like to think, will I care about this in a year?


For me, my slump came from diet. I was intolerant to gluten and I didn't know it. The month after I cut it completely, welcome back afternoons. Sometimes you can have bad days, bad weeks, but if you constantly feel like this, I encourage you to talk to a natural health consultant. I know a few really beautiful ones if you need.


Cacao is a great source of energy and can also help with muscle weakness. My favourite Cacao treaties are loco-love. Really, they are my favourite in general. Lucky for you, I have some on the website. If you need other suggestions for ways to include cacao, please comment or DM me, I have plenty.

Much Love, Kindness and Happiness.



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