• Elle

Simple but mindful Chrissy Hacks

An exciting time of year is approaching (stop being a grinch if you think else). I spoke to a good friend of mine, Liv and together we have created some tips to a mindful Christmas. Hacks for pre-christmas and Christmas Day.

Starting with the big one:


Personally, I love giving presents. I also love giving meaningful presents and not just "because" presents, practical, beautiful & thoughtful.

- Secret Santa: It is an easy way to reduce the amount of gifts, because, why do we need stuff, just because? do we even use it? and... I'm not a huge fan of being told what to buy someone, but wish lists with a general idea of what someone is needing, is a great idea. That way its purposeful and practical.

- Buy local & small: It is a gift for the business in itself. Small businesses are trying to keep up with the big dogs, support them, which supports their families. Keep a community spirit alive.

- Invest in Santa sacks: Finally say goodbye to wasteful Chrissy wrapping. You can reuse these sacks for your birthday and many more festive seasons to come.

- Make gifts: A present from the heart is always appreciated.

- When buying online, check their shipping policies! Do they ship with a shit load of plastic? and double check... will it even get here on time? With the cut off for ordering online early December.


- Say no to plastic cutlery, plates and napkins. Whilst it may seem inconvenient to wash dishes after large gatherings, it isn't impossible. Many hands make light work.

- Reuse any gift paper, kids around? Let them draw and craft up.

- Do we really need those bon bons?


Small & thoughtful

- Gift a coffee, muffin and good chat

- Pack a picnic, take some wine, relax

- Make some cookies

- Write a letter or send a card

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