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Simple but mindful Chrissy Hacks

An exciting time of year is approaching (stop being a grinch if you think else). I spoke to a good friend of mine, Liv and together we have created some tips to a mindful Christmas. Hacks for pre-christmas and Christmas Day.

Starting with the big one:


Personally, I love giving presents. I also love giving meaningful presents and not just "because" presents, practical, beautiful & thoughtful.

- Secret Santa: It is an easy way to reduce the amount of gifts, because, why do we need stuff, just because? do we even use it? and... I'm not a huge fan of being told what to buy someone, but wish lists with a general idea of what someone is needing, is a great idea. That way its purposeful and practical.

- Buy local & small: It is a gift for the business in itself. Small businesses are trying to keep up with the big dogs, support them, which supports their families. Keep a community spirit alive.

- Invest in Santa sacks: Finally say goodbye to wasteful Chrissy wrapping. You can reuse these sacks for your birthday and many more festive seasons to come.

- Make gifts: A present from the heart is always appreciated.

- When buying online, check their shipping policies! Do they ship with a shit load of plastic? and double check... will it even get here on time? With the cut off for ordering online early December.


- Say no to plastic cutlery, plates and napkins. Whilst it may seem inconvenient to wash dishes after large gatherings, it isn't impossible. Many hands make light work.

- Reuse any gift paper, kids around? Let them draw and craft up.

- Do we really need those bon bons?


Small & thoughtful

- Gift a coffee, muffin and good chat

- Pack a picnic, take some wine, relax

- Make some cookies

- Write a letter or send a card

Voucher Options:

- Apres Studio, this brand has all considerations for the planet from apparel to packaging

- Nu movement, A new activewear brand that has complete transparency

- Head to your local beautician or hairdresser, treat your loved one to a little me-time. Experiences are always a hit in my books.

- Do they have a favourite restaurant? Grab a voucher, even better, book yourself in with them. A treat for both of you.

- Massage therapy: I have a few favourite ladies if you are visiting the south coast, Byron or Melb.

Body Vitality: Massage Therapy Ulladulla NSW .

Ayupotheca: Ayurvedic Healing Byron Bay, NSW

Melt: Yogic Body Care: Torquay, VIC

Physical Presents:

- Who is easty. I am a huge giver of art. It is a classic present that is treasured forever + her art is perfect for everyone

- Local preservatives: Head to the local market or Deli, gift what is special from your region.

- Can you go past a good book?

- of course.... ohti. I have made a range of gift packs ranging from $20 - $100. thoughtful and sent all ready to be put under the tree. Any purchase from these packs goes directly to other projects in the works, supporting other peoples passions and collaborations.

and if you are local to the South Coast, NSW. Nothing better than gifting your favourite chick a ticket to our ohti real life experience, happening January 16th.


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