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ohti News Letter

Wow. Firstly, if you are reading this thank you. I guess when I post I get excited over one person reading, thinking most of the time it will be only people from my family who feel obligated to. To me transparency is key. You might notice, I use the pronoun ‘we’ a fair bit. I see ohti as being a product of everyone around me, that is involved. A community. Although, sometimes the decisions are made by, me, I. Here are some of those ‘I’ decisions, where I am at and where ohti is growing.

So far,

I was able to work with ohti’s from the original shoot which, are you even kidding I’m related to those talented people? I have collaborated with one of my soul sisters, Cassie, I have also interviewed so many passionate people, who have amazing things to say. Which have all largely impacted me. Through th

ese conversations that are posted, I have made deeper connections which I am grateful for. I’ve also gained some confidence to post myself, which fuck, I didn’t know if I could do it sometimes (but was always my vision). I’ve received kind messages from people who read or purchase, which I get so stoked on – It’s a nice kind of high receiving gratification from people who you look up to and care about.

Shop wise… Well, I am learning and have some massive changes on the way but amazed to pretty much sell out all my tea, with new, improved and funkier packaging hopefully arriving today. Clothes wise I’ve loved seeing crew send photos in their stuff, I just want people to feel comfy and nice. The Gua Sha was a huge collaboration that I love we created and shared but with a purpose. Making it a red wine kind of celebration when A Brows and Beauty asked to stock it – our first stockist!


I’ve already learnt so much and I hope I continue to. Mostly, I have been learning from the lady lords featured on the blog. Maddy inspired me to get my shit together, find my brand’s colours and identity (but, not too seriously as ohti will constantly change).

Meg has opened my eyes about the fashion industry. Making it pretty important to make some better decisions with an eight-piece apparel collection currently been made with certified eco-friendly materials, naturally dyed too. Loved this change and process and although, I had to outlay more money upfront, it feels better. These new products will still be made to order and there will be a very limited number available which makes them more one off you know? I’m not a fashion label, I’ll leave that to Megsy. I’m just sharing a passion like ohti is encouraging you to do!

Natural dying process: Indigo with Mango added later


There are many things to celebrate at the moment. With the new clothing, also comes a new connection and collaboration with a new friend who is helping create some epic graphic singlets. Speaking of new friends, we will soon be stocking the most delicious vegan chocolate on the market, there will be some homewares to match our apperal collection and possibly another new friend collaboration. Wow. Lots going on. My mind has been ticking. Between making pottery made-to-orders, finishing some pretty big clay projects which will be online soon, designing, re-designing the new stuff, changing the website 1000 times to only make it back to how it was. I’m at a point where I have kind of found an ohti, study, life, work, love balance.

For you,

To get your mind ticking, there are some passionate chats coming to the website this month. Really nice new connections. I love how this platform has aligned me with some cool chicks and… I’m starting to brainstorm a little audio performance with someone special – If I can get over my nerves, this will be epic.

If you have made it to the end, well done. You are a beautiful human and I love your interest.

Thank you.


p.s. If you have any questions or just need someone to chat to, you can ask below, send me a message.

Sneak peak of what is coming:


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