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Womens Wellness Afternoon

Wow.... I am still speechless writing this. Thank you to everyone who attended or supported the women's wellness event held on Sunday. The amount of love and support made my cup truly full and I'm feeling very supported, thank you.

I am so so so grateful for all businesses; Freds Flowers, Om Sweet Om, Gypsy Carmen for your support and help making it an aesthetically pleasing space.

The day wouldn't of been so lovely without Lisa bringing us all together through breath work and Holly for sharing with passion, inspiring us all, you are one wonderful lady. It shows how frigin amazing the community is! It truly was more than expected and an example of manifestation & hard work. You two had such great energy and created such a safe, lovely space.

Lane Wood, oh my... You let dreams be big with ease. Thank you so much. You made hard work fun and the process so damn easy. The endless phone calls, late night messages, coffees, wines were very enjoyable and you made something so overwhelming just be exciting, thank you Lane.

Thank you thank you thank you to absolutely everyone. AHHHH MY HEART IS SO FULL & I hope yours are too <3

Here is a gallery which capsulated the enormous energy in the room. If you have any images please send our way to share.

We are super super open to feedback, please let us know what you thought! via email or just hit ohti up for a chat.




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