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Consistency by Madeline

My word of the year for 2023 is consistency. I just engaged in a sound and vision group hypnotherapy session which focused on personal and business growth.

There was a visualisation that made things SO clear and I want to share the part that got me good.

So. I obviously can't talk you through it because I'm behind a screen and not a hypno but next time your taking a sec to yourself think of this.

- Close your eyes and imagine a door. Behind this door there are four versions of you.

- The first is the version of you one year from now.

- The second, nine months from now.

- The third, six months from now.

- The fourth, 3 months from now. And then theres you, now.

- What will the you now, tell the you one year from now, that will tell the you nine months from now, that will tell the you six months from now, that will tell the you three months from now, that will tell the you now.

- You may have goals and aspirations for the year ahead, the things that you KNOW will make you feel good and in control. So keep telling this to the versions of yourself.

It helped me split my year into quarters (on paper) and list the things for each quarter I want to achieve, which allows me to focus on them bit by bit, to know what's ahead and put the actions in place now, for later.

Other things make come up for you when you visualise this. Mine was the word consistency. If theres a word that comes up for you, even if you wish it was another word, your gut will know the word, and let it live rent free in your mind.

With everything I do from now, I will ask myself, 'what will the me, one year from now look like if I am consistent'?

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