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Chatting with Amelia from made by a.

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Who is Amelia?

Jeweller, maker, dog enthusiast, notorious for biting off more than I can chew. I am Amelia Hancock, owner, designer and head jeweller of Made by a. We are a small business, with ateam of four, operating out of a heritage listed two storey terrace in the beautiful community of Cooks Hill, Newcastle, NSW. I am self trained and have had my brand for six years.

How do you share your gift with others?

I am currently training a new jeweller who has just come on board with us. Furthermore, we have a high school student completing work experience with us every Wednesday. Both are learning silversmithing and gold smithing, with hands-on experience and an encouragement to be creative and experimental. In addition to this, our original team is also being taught simple jewellery making techniques so we can all be familiar with how our jewellery is designed and forged. I always keep my team informed of new collections and designs, and the processes behind this.

What environmental or conscious traits do you practice?

All of our jewellery is handmade locally in our studio. Designed and produced with intention, our pieces are made to order and we endeavour to repair as often as possible to minimise waste. All of our gold and silver is 100% recycled, which ensures sustainability and is beneficial to the environment.

What do you think we are about to see a lot of in your industry?

Chunky jewellery and layering, more is more. Mixing metals, layering silver with gold, having no rules. Ear curation, a boom in piercing and creating thoughtful arrangements in ears and cartilage that highlight people's individual anatomy. Hand Formed, unpolished and raw designs. People are appreciating handmade more and wish to support local artists who finish their designs solely by hand and with techniques of yesteryear, hence a more organic approach to jewellery design and setting.

What was your journey to making your passion your everyday?

I am self taught and began experimenting with jewellery making after I realised fashion design at TAFE was not for me. After leaving, I gained some advice and experience through some beautiful silversmiths at the Menshed, where retired craftsmen of varying disciplines pass on their knowledge to those who are just beginning and honing their techniques. I used to work out of my dad's garage, creating and practicing and refining, while I was still working two other jobs to support myself and to reinvest back into my own brand. Finally, Made by a. was born with a launch party held at Musterpoint Collective in Mayfield, Newcastle six years ago. Following this, I had a regular stall at Hunt and Gather markets in town while also being apart of a collaborative space and shopfront with several other designers - Maker Store and Studio. When Maker closed its doors for the last time in 2021, I decided to venture out on my own and opened my first stand alone shop and studio, a. Atelier, in Cooks Hill, launched December that same year. I have now been focussing on Made by a. solely in a full time capacity for 3 years.

What has a challenge been when establishing your