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Self-Discovery & Creating ohti

I’ve loved sharing posts about others and their passions. I can ask personal questions and felt, it's only true to also be vulnerable and share more of myself. In the future on the blog you will see a mix of interviews but also health and wellness research by myself. For now, here is a little write up on finding myself and how ohti started.

I am huge on intuition, I do take how my gut feels very seriously.

Ohti became a ‘thing’ during early covid days. Where everyone finally had time to reflect and to me, everyone seemed to get deeper with themselves. I am a Primary School Teacher. I enjoy being around kids and learning, I loved where I was working but I couldn’t seem to achieve a healthy work life balance. I was living with two friends I adore. Although, every weekend, all I would want to do was be by myself, relaxing as I was so pooped. For a while, I was inspired by being a hard-working woman, who lives for her career. But anyone that knows me, knows when I do something, I go hard and it started to cause me to burn out from what I really enjoy. I remember being asked by Meg during this time, “What makes you feel alive?” and feeling stumped at that question, now, I could answer easily. I took time off before the virus to go on a holiday for a couple of months. In this time, I saw the light… I went back to work, had a fun, challenging, exciting year but just knew I had something else. (Sorry for blabbing on)

I thought during the pandemic that it was interior design, it made sense having a family in furniture. I started drawing / being inspired by vintage furniture but my sensibility wasn’t there… I created the social media accounts for ohti and kept posting interior design, making it a hobby, creating mood boards but the passion ran out quickly. I kept the account and during that year was posting new things all the time, just for me, to keep me inspired. I decided last year, I needed some time off. My housemates started planning a road trip around Aus, I knew I wanted to do something new and it all fell into place (because leaving that house without going separate ways would have been hard).

I have always been obsessed with alternative health (it started because of my fear of needles…) Where I was exposed to a new world. I had new people around who were informing me while doing things differently and living a little left from centre health wise. I was always attracted to those people and try to take as much knowledge as I possibly could. Completely consumed by alternative health and after telling nearly everyone who would come to me for career advice to be in that field, I started considering myself. Even if it was for my own knowledge. I started researching and thought I’d give it a go. At this time, we had just moved north and up here, nothing felt limitless. So being consumed by the environment, the ability to study at new dreamy places and establishments; I was constantly on my computer, feeling like I was completely on the right path. After that, everything fell into place. I do believe in the universe giving you gifts when you are being your authentic self and I was getting spoilt. I started posting on ohti again, for myself and thought, I should do this for my friends, I love talking about anything health / self-love related with them, anyone who speaks to me knows they will hear gluten free about 20 times in a minute. I started thinking about people in my life that inspire me and sat down to think what makes them inspiring, its passion. I thought, why not make this a space to share their stories and to hopefully inspire other people while I’m doing it. I never had any qualms and ohti kept getting bigger and bigger. I remember going to pick up my ceramics and writing the ‘About Ohti’ page, reading to siri. I never edited that, I sent it to my sister Chloe, who is my complete confidant and after a few cosmos later, read it to Jai. Where I was impressed by myself. Although, it might seem like it’s a fairly new idea, I feel that everything I have read, researched, discussed, tried out, all came together, I felt so confident in what I was wanting to create and my intuition is never telling me otherwise. I already had all the ideas manifested in different notebooks and they all seemed to work well together. It combines my love for health, friends and fashion. Ohti still has many ways its expanding and I’m excited for you to be a part of the development. Since starting my mind is running at full capacity and I am super keen to share it and grow together.

Thank you for reading.


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