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Power of Gratitude

Anyone that knows me, happens to see a darker side once winter hits. I lack motivation, become an even bigger home body and eat worse... All leading to feeling a little shitty. So, I felt now was the perfect time to share if anyone is feeling similar or a little overwhelmed at the moment... Which is very understandable...

I practice gratitude regularly through reflection, journalling etc. Recently, I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned changing the language when speaking about day-to-day stuff . e.g. - I have to go to work, I am lucky I get to go to a job. Sounds kind of lame at the start and I felt uncomfortable (not feeling lucky to go to work when there are kids hanging off me) but after a while, I actually realised the difference in my attitude, the way I spoke and acted towards the kids and myself. The ultimate game changer was with my study. My units at the moment are heavily science related (I struggle) I have procrastinated with these units and have tried to do anything but studying lately. I started thinking, changing and acting more grateful about my course. Knowing I need this knowledge and how lucky I am to actually be able to study in a field I feel so passionate about.

Now in the morning I write - I am grateful to do today:

- Chemistry

When we have gratitude, our brain released dopamine and serotonin which are two powerful neurotransmitters making us feel good. So it makes so much sense to just change our language and reep some benefits, even at the start if you are talking yourself into it.

I have to - I get to

I must - I am lucky to

I'm sure you get the picture...

I have immersed myself in books, podcasts, video's and lots of discussions around the topic the past couple of years. It is something I would recommend trying out if you're feeling a little winter blues too.

If you want to delve deeper and understand the power also, here is some stuff to get your brain ticking:

This is a powerful talk where he discusses using gratitude after a huge accident in his life

Benefits of Gratitude:

Journal reflection prompts:



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