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Ohti x Melt by Cass

I have known Cassie for a while now, she is every quality of an Aquarius, she speaks from the heart and

having vulnerability in her speech is authentic to her. Since being up north anyone I have named dropped Cas too, always does the same face, that angel on earth face and that’s the way she is always described. Cas is my little angel on earth guiding me, inspiring me.

Cassie is the creative mind and touch to Melt. She provides a range of offerings, in-person in Melbourne and soon to be online which she speaks about. Cassie and I have collaborated (which is a dream) combining our personalities, me fast-paced, hot-headed, ambitious with Cass's calm nature to provide a unique product and experience. Which we are so excited to release this month.

This is a raw, unedited chat.

For many years you have inspired me to be the best version of myself. Always expanding yourself. Have you been like this for your entire life? or who inspires you?

Thank you! You inspire me, Elle. The woman in my circle. My mum and the people I've never met.

My initial inspiration stems from my mum. She showed me what it looks like to do things differently and to be a leader. Growing up in a small country town there weren't a lot of women that I could truly connect with, I feel grateful to have a mum who showed me what's possible and that I can create a fulfilling and positively impactful career.

Through my teenage years, there was a revolutionary movement of renegade woman, feminist and powerful female leaders making huge impacts on the world. They caught my attention. And ultimately I saw something inside of them within me. I saw an opportunity to do things differently, stray from the norm, and create an unconventional path for myself. Later learning I'm an Aquarian woman, a lot of what I was attracted to made sense.

Now I'm a lot more inspired by the healing nature of women throughout history from the Egyptian goddess', woman from different lineages and all walks of life, each bringing their unique medicine for this time on the planet. The woman who walk through the depth of their fears, karmic patterns, unfathomable challenges and continue to move towards their truth with love and compassion for themselves and others. WOW. I am incredibly inspired and moved.

I'm honestly in awe of the beauty, creativity and intelligence that exists. Witnessing the divine genius that comes through others, and in the moments it comes through me. AHHH that's when I feel completely LIT UP, when the wisdom weaves through me, and I receive a visceral experience of expanded love and truth. That's what I'm here for. Those feelings.

Knowing you for a while now, I have watched you find yourself career-wise. Your career path has organically flowed into each other, from one path to another but always focusing on the body, mind, soul connection. Having experience in a variety of different fields and now a reputable massage practitioner, why do think it's important to be connected with your body? I guess this question goes for someone who totally is disconnected in some aspects of living?

I feel a really strong connection to my body now, I can't imagine a life without this relationship. I believe the reason I'm working with the body and woman in this space is because I've overcome/still working through the challenges that a lot of women experience around body shame, low self-worth and total disconnect to their body. It actually breaks my heart to witness this and reflect on the way I would talk to myself in the mirror and those habitual destructive thoughts. In no way is it healthy nor supportive for us to think we are anything but beautiful. It's taken many years of shifting that narrative for me and massage therapy was that gateway to connect back to myself, to understand and ease my pain through nourishing self-massage techniques, soothing essential oils and rituals. I found the healer within. I work on connecting with my body everyday. My daily practices are essential for me to move through my day with energy, awareness and self- regulation. I incorporate a range of tools that I seek support from including; breath work, Kundalini yoga, self-compassion, herbs, self-massage, dancing, running and receiving bodywork each week.

Our body is always communicating with us, through tingles, tightness in the chest, stomach cramps, headaches... whatever it is for you, the body is trying to work with you, we just need to pay attention, listen and continuously CONNECT!

You are recognised for your intuitive touch when working, what keeps you energetically balanced? In day-to-day life.

Intuitive touch as a massage therapist for me has developed as my meditation practice deepens. Always before a session I spend some time breathing deeply and meditating - working on clearing emotions, frustrations, stressors, sometimes I'll shake my body and dance around the room with music to find that neutral, calm, relaxed state. It's important to have awareness over my thoughts, intention and how I hold myself, I understand we can transfer our energy through these exchanges - with or without touch. Having this as a foundation allows my intuition to come through and then I can move, shift, adapt accordingly.

You opened my world a few years ago now with journaling and it was something I totally disregarded for a while, but once I found my groove, I immediately saw the benefits. Do you have any knowledge or inspiration for someone wanting to journal?

Yes! How good has journalling been for us over the past few years! I have a lot I could say here... Journalling is an expression of your internal dialogue. I find the act of free writing loosens up my subconscious mind - meaning it can bring forth memories or situations that can help you uncover something that has been blocking you from feeling your desired state. I also see journalling as direct communication to the source/universe/ higher powers. As you write you are creating spells, you are intentionally and thoughtfully co-creating to bring your dreams and visions to the 3D reality. Try this: Write down where you are now in your life on one page and on another page write down where you want to be, what you're doing, where you're living, what you're doing for work ...everything fun and juicy! This allows you to bring your most desired visions to your mind in one potent dose. Refer back to this daily or whenever you need a re-minder. ''Take one step closer to your vision, your vision takes one step closer to you'' (- Dr Joe Dispenza) and now we're working with the quantum field...

You have worked with infra-red saunas for a while now. Since my experience with you, I have a higher tolerance and I instantly feel benefits, body, mind and soul. (Helps when Nimbus is also aesthetically pleasing) What are the benefits?

Oh yes we love to Sauna. The infrared sauna's are a form of heat therapy. Essentially, the infrared panels heats the body from the inside out, activating all of your physiological systems, therefore the body cools itself down by sweating. This isn't just any forehead sweat, it opens up ALL of the glands on ALL parts of the body.

Regularly sweating is healthy and is amazing for detoxifying from anything foreign in the body, great for skin health, rebalances hormones, reduces muscular pain and tension and calms your nervous system. Loads of benefits and more information here (

If someone isn't Melbourne based, how can they experience your wisdom/touch? During COVID you provide the online community with great resources. I know exciting things are happening for melt.

For those looking to connect with my offerings. I'm in the process of launching a digital experience 'Melt Rituals' where I"ll guide you through a meditative self-facial massage and gua sha ritual. A restorative evening practice, creating space for you to tune into your mind through meditation and reflection and into your body through massage and movement. Held on zoom weekly! A great opportunity to light the candles, smoke up the room with incense, get a little witchy and indulge in a self-soothing experience.


Ohti prides itself, on that "soul on fire" feeling. What sets your soul?

Mmmmm That soul on fire feeling... It's probably when I'm alone listening to loudddd deeeeep soul shaking music, the type that vibrates your whole being and dancing, feeling my emotions move through my body as they arise with a full heart of gratitude, simultaneously feeling inter-connected and intertwined with the universe, nature and all that is beyond what we can see.

Cassie’s song recommendation is Glue by Bicep’ - Find it on the collab playlist.

Cassie Magill

Massage Therapist



Melbourne, VIC



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