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ohti afternoon - What to expect?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

So excited to share an ohti event. I thought, as there was no social media / marketting anticipation (even though myself and Lane Wood have been working closely together for a while) on what the event is going to look like.

Here is a run down of the experience we are (dreaming) creating.

It is based on the south coast of NSW. A place Lane and I currently call home. It is set in Burrill where we are working with others to create a dreamy, aesthetically pleasing space with calming, positive energy.

The afternoon will begin with an introduction and followed by a beautiful guided yoga and mediation session run by local angel, Lisa Self.

Following this, I will sit down and have an unplugged chat with Holly Rankin, an intelligent lady who I am so honoured to have at the event. Although Holly has a successful music career as Jack River, I am excited to delve into who she is; the highs, lows and in-between as a women, passionate human and member of the community.

Afterwards, I'm sure anyone attending will be feeling inspired and empowered by this chat and would like to take advantage of the energy it will create. I will guide a reflective, journalling session. This will be self paced and we will be offering, ohti tea, treats and a chance to connect with like-minded humans afterwards.

Thinking of this event, I think of a safe space, where women celebrate each other, feeling empowered, relaxed, inspired. I'm excited to be able to share this feeling with anyone who is attending.

At the moment, we are considering have a stall where local lovelies can share their passion projects with anyone attending. If you're local, we would love to connect xx


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