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Meg Wilcher, Apres Studio.

As I am writing this, I am head to toe, Apres Studio. Anyone that owns any Apres knows that Meggy can create and style. She is an intelligent, powerful, hard-working women who aspires to be the best version of herself while inspiring many others, me included. Meg is my go to girl for any fashion info, deep soul chats and honest advice. This chat doesn't even cover her career history or personal wisdom she has, because I'm hoping this is the first of many chats we feature Meg. So, here is our first, raw, unedited chat with Meg.

After speaking the other day, you have already impacted / change ohti's future direction with the loungewear. Really, you are constantly expanding my vision since I've met you. I can tell your soul is constantly full of passion and fire. What in particular "Sets your soul on fire?"

AWW Elle, this is so encouraging to hear. I lose a lot of sleep fighting with the fact that I make a living on the inherent contradiction of owning a fashion brand and being a staunch environmentalist.


Knowing that myself, my brands and my work can educate, encourage and help others find purpose, understanding and create small and large scale positive change sets my soul on fire!!

I also like to remind myself that somebody needs to lead and set the standards and expectations for environmental responsibility and education within the industry.

We all need clothing to cover ourselves with so in some ways it is an essential part of most peoples day to day.

That coupled alongside friends, family, music, movement and food that makes me feel -- They really set my soul on fire.

Your designs have something special about them, I know what it feels like to see someone in a piece of clothing and love it so much you want to ask them randomly, where it is from? I constantly get this when wearing Apres Studio. I know how much courage that takes... It is a reflection of your creative, thoughtful designs. I guess what makes Apres even better is how environmentally conscious and informative you are.

Firstly, thank you!

That means a huge amount coming from you.

My friends and I get so many compliments when we wear Après and all of my customers message me telling me how powerful and supported they feel when they dress in Après. This is the kind of feedback that I inherently rely on to survive and keep designing, it really rules to hear that I am helping bring joy to people's lives.

I love using my platform to promote and educate people on the very secretive and greenwashed industry that is 'sustainable fashion'.

When creating Ohti, it was a huge wakeup call of the number of unconscious choices which are happening during production... How hard is this for you? Constantly making the right choices but sacrificing more money, time researching etc? Obviously worth it. But for me, my brain couldn't get around the lack of information? For something we should all be caring about. Do you think we are at the start of a fashion revolution?

I totally understand.

The fashion world is such a hard industry to regulate.

It is super variable from country to country and province to province within that country.

There is no overarching governance or law for all industry workers to abide by.

No matter where you manufacture, before the fabric even gets to your factory in your manufacturing country of choice there is such a long winded supply chain and list of processes undertaken.

The farms that grow the fibre crops and their own fertilising and harvesting processes as well as soil tillage, the team that harvest the crops, and their working conditions, the fibre processing fabric mills these are then taken to to create the fabrications, then they move to dye houses, the wash houses, the list goes on and each process is usually commenced on very separate premises with different workers each time.

It is nearly impossible to trace each of these processes behind fabrics.

(We haven't even started to design a garment yet or engage a designer, pattern maker or manufacturer).

Even when manufacturing clothing and purchasing fabrics here in Australia, most of the fabric comes from offshore growers with zero traceability and accountability to ensure ethical standards are met.

It's hard to find well researched data with true carbon impact of fabrics, trims, dyes, finishes.

It might be a shitty fabric to produce in terms of environmental responsibility and emissions but it may far out last a fabric that is natural, certified organic and therefore mitigate the need to replace that item of clothing for a longer amount of time.

So what is truly the right choice??

I'm perplexed too.

I think consumers are starting to ask questions and demand transparency. The industry is evolving and yes, I feel a fashion revolution coming on! Bring it on! More accountability!! Time for the giants of the industry to step up, lead and start normalising using responsible fabrics and practices. As we know, if the demand grows, so then does the supply and competition to provide these fabrics at competitive prices increasing the accessibility and reducing the industry footprint for all.

How can someone make better choices to shop fashionably / sustainably?

Ask brands questions - if they're unclear or don't know the answers then I wouldn't rely on them doing the research for you nor would I buy from them, look for blogs or about sections on brands websites.

Find out what fabric the garment is made from before purchasing and research that fabric.

Sit on something for a while before purchasing.

Ensure you're not emotionally impulse buying.

If you don't want to do the above or feel like you don't have time to, some places to start are;

What / where is your vision next for you?

I am slowly tying things up for Après this year to make way for an intersectional fashion brand baby I have been cultivating for a while now.

A gender neutral brand with great values, strong aesthetic and a huge tie to honouring your moods and destigmatising mental health issues.

I can't wait to share it with the world and create huge, impactful positive change.

We create some 'audio inspiration' to get people in the mood, change the way they are feeling. What's your favourite "moody" song at the moment?

OOOOO, music is so closely tied to my emotions.

It serves me as an extension of how I'm feeling within myself at that moment.

Like a cheaper version of therapy.

At the moment my favourite moody song would have to be Kwamampela by Samthing Soweto.

<<<<<< Find Megs song on the collab spotify playlist.

Love you and thanks for having me!

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“It might be a shitty fabric to produce in terms of environmental responsibility and emissions but it may far out last a fabric that is natural, certified organic and therefore mitigate the need to replace that item of clothing for a longer amount of time.

So what is truly the right choice??

I'm perplexed too.”

I love this recognition of the fact that just because it’s ‘organic’ doesn’t automatically make it the better option! Such a tricky topic!

Me gusta
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