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Jenni speaks everything Re:Style

I always feel so lucky, to be connected with friends of friends and share their story, passions and platforms / brands with others. In a time where we can be over-connected (if that's a thing, I guess IYKYK that feeling) I am grateful to be connected with interesting individuals who are oozing with creative ideas and genius ways to share these with the world. Jenni gives us a little insight into her world and new platform, Re:Style, a fashion membership, providing limitless wardrobe possibilities, ultimately making our lives way easier... I guess personally, what I love about Re:Style is their dedication to creating a more sustainable world.


Who is Jenni?

I’m not sure why I‘ve always found this question so tricky. Perhaps because I still feel like I’m finding my passions and purpose each day. One thing I’ve started to notice though, is I’ve always felt the need to walk on my own path.

Strangely enough, for someone who can have (virgo) tendencies to care way too much about what others think, I’ve always ended up going against the grain. Whether it was dropping out of uni, chopping my hair short (before it was cool haha) and finally, leaving my full-time (career focused) job to pursue my business baby - Re:Style.

I think my greatest passion is serving/helping others, it just makes me feel so dam good. Potentially both my biggest strength and weakness, I care - A LOT. I’ve always felt deeply for others, with empathy being a big driver for me. I think that’s why I’m so passionate about creating Re:Style as a service for women. I want women to feel strong & empowered everyday, and I think fashion/clothing is a really powerful way to do that.

Ladies in the fashion industry will laugh when they read this...”I’ve got a passion for fashion”. But hey, I really do! Ever since I can remember I’ve just loved clothing, shoes, accessories, fashion! There’s nothing better than sitting at a balcony bar watching locals walk by admiring the outfit that they’ve styled and stepped out into the world, for that day. I find it so inspiring, when you think about it like that - fashion really is a deep form of self expression.

What is restyle rental? And how is it different? Did being sustainable have a major part to play in creating restyle?

Ok to talk business with you - Re:Style is here to solve the age old problem of a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear?!

Re:Style enables the freedom to experiment with your style, allowing access to a rotating wardrobe of beautifully curated pieces, all whilst enabling a platform for a sustainable yet seasonal shopping experience. Our goal is to combine the sustainable benefits of renting with the joy of a fun, ever changing wardrobe.

But woman to woman, I just really felt a need for this in my own life. Why was it so hard to satisfy my need to feel current with fashion trends and empowered in my style without having to resort to fast fashion, which we know is so detrimental to our planet and often unethically sourced/created. I’ve created Re:Style in an effort to allow women to feel fabulous but ultimately to grow the rental / sharing economy within the Fashion Industry, which I believe could have a really positive impact on reducing fast fashion and reducing the sheer mass of clothing that ends up in landfill.

Although Re:Style was created initially as a wardrobe solution, being sustainable has been the real driving force that has kept me motivated. The industry desperately needs sustainable change and I’m inspired to make it freakin happen!

Launching in December this year! Check us out if you want some extra info: | Restyle_Rental

What sets your soul on fire?

Music feeds my soul, a single song can completely change my mood. I’ve played the guitar since I was 13 and it just became one of those hobbies I never stopped. Playing guitar takes all my focus to that moment. As someone who can be a little introverted, when life gets hectic, sitting down for a quick play completely recharges me.

Other than that, what really sets my soul on fire is the people I surround myself with. I feel most alive when I’m laughing with friends, spending time with my partner or catching up with my family. Just feeling a part of something bigger, whether that be a group of friends or my local community, feeling a part of humanity makes me feel whole.

If you have any questions, please comment below! Re:Style will launch December, ready for the festive season!


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