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Is Ohti Different?

Deep thinking / Journalling

I guess you may be here because you know me or friends-friends but, if you have randomly reached this page, I'm stoked. There has been some self-doubt during the production over the past few months and a fair bit of excitement. I would love Ohti to be a positive platform, I enjoy the products, I also like chatting to people, sharing what they have to say, tooting their horn for them, sharing interesting things I'm learning that I wish I knew before (or think people should know). I'm passionate about Ohti. I am not sure where it is going but everything so far has aligned with me. I guess, this passion hopefully reflects in my products. I'm trying to think outside the square... I guess you might think how? the products you are selling are pretty standard? Yeah, I guess tea, ceramics, loungewear are.... but, I've used my sources wisely. The tea is highest, organic quality with naturopathy recommendations. When receiving the tea, it comes in a fully biodegradable canister / reusable. To find labelling itself was around 50hrs of research, chatting to suppliers, questioning (the internet will tell you anything). Therefore, the tea that you are drinking leaves no footprint, just purity... The loungewear is my style, a mix of feminine /masculine pieces. It can be worn as separates or together. It also supports a friend of mine who is doing it tough at the moment, you will be helping him out mentally and financially. The loungewear is made to order, so no waste, no heavily discounted sales and only around for a month or two. Ceramics are a hobby I have had for a while, it zones me out, I'm no professional or claiming I am, don't expect perfect but, you will receive something unique. I'm hoping in the future Ohti can stock some other creations, made by you. If you have something you're passionate about, shoot me an email, I'd love to showcase/sell on here. You can decide to support or continue with what works for you. I enjoy knowing where my products come from and hopefully providing you with that guarantee, you can make conscious choices also.


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