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Getting deep with Kate Fenton, Part One.

Kate is a new friend. I was inspired by her post on self love from instagram and thought fuck it, why not, let's ask her if she would be keen to answer a few questions. Kate is the first person on ohti that I haven't had a personal connection to prior, but now, I feel totally connected. She is the biggest lady lord and i'm stoked to share. Kate's conversation is broken into part one and part two where she gets deeper.



My passions lie within my interest in human nature, psychology, neuroscience, art, design, fashion, nature.


I'm creating it everyday, living it each day and it's changing all the time.

My past has been fun, crazy at times, rough in others, a learning curve in its own right, a pretty funny story if I look back at all the stupid shit i've done and think about all the times I probably shouldn't have survived haha. Worth living, not a regret in sight... even the times that make me squirm because I was challenged in those moments and came out the other side a better human being! Fast. My life goes by very fucking quickly. And I'm a speed demon. I love going fast. Probably why I mangled myself on a motorbike hehe.



When my lover gets real deep... haha kidding.

Seeing people speak of something they are deeply passionate about - that's real magic right there.

My soul wants to pour all of that golden energy I harvest inside and do whatever I can to see their dreams come alive before their eyes. I love that shit. I live for that! Making dreams come true!


Fuck. They never stop. I'm growing with each new moment I experience. I have moments of reflection that leave me in awe of how far I have come as a person. The lessons I've endured, the hurt inflicted, the neglect, the mental breakdowns, the near death experiences, the midnight nudie swims, the acid trips that last hours too long, the deep conversations with complete strange that leave you in tears, the long essay messages that you never press send on, the moments of utter joy, the breaking and rebuilding, the falling in and out of love, the lust... oh the lust!!! It's all growth.

My purpose on this planet is to grow, and form a beautiful, unbreakable, resilient relationship with myself.. so I can teach others to do the same. And it's not easy but I choose this because it makes every single day worth living.

Each night, my boyfriend and I ask each other 3 questions. Something we learnt, something we're grateful for and something we like about ourselves. The answers trigger deep moments of introspection and reflection, we surprise ourselves with our answers because sometimes it's just silence and tears... Other times it's raw beauty looking back at you and that is powerful. Ah gosh. I love this man.


Challenges... oh god. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning, putting on an outfit, looking at myself in the mirror, managing disorders and mental health.

Strength... getting out of bed when I'm in the darkest of days, putting that outfit on, looking at myself in the mirror and just smiling, learning more about myself.. the good, the bad and the ugly.

There is strength in challenge.

There is beauty in struggle.

There is peace in upheaval.

Yin & Yang.

It's about your perspective. How you walk through life. How you hold yourself. How you treat yourself.

Are you being that person you want to be? Or are you simply self sabotaging?

The only person in your way is yourself. Get up. Go get it.

Dream fucking big!! And don't let yourself down, and if you do.. learn from it and be better.

You can't rewrite history but you can enjoy the present moment and that's all that matters.


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