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Feel Good Friday Podcast Recommendations

Sharing some podcasts to help get your mind ticking over this long weekend. The theme this week is strong females within the fashion industry. (Being brief so they can all take you on their journeys themselves).

Start-Up Creative Podcast, Laura May, Nagnata: I listened to this podcast during lockdown last year. Always liking their activewear but never owned any. Laura is an example of a complete visionary. After listening feeling so inspired and informed about the brand and get ready to be stuck on what not to purchase...

GANNI & Responsible Fashion - Ganni is a Swedish brand run by Husband and Wife Duo. They talk about everything regarding trying to make more conscious choices, female empowerment and issues within fashion.

Seize the Yay with Erika Geraerts, it's all Fluff: Erika the co-founder of Frank Body, has gone solo and has taken a new approach with 'Fluff Skincare'. Erika shares her journey and it's an interesting listen about this Melbourne based skincare brand.


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