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Chatting with Loni

*We aim to aspire to inspire as we chat to others, picking their brains, exploring their passions. All posts are raw & unedited because f**k none of us are perfect & it is time to celebrate that - I'm here for the honest & real, you?


A bit about me:

I am a Pilates Instructor, I'm a pilates fiend! I live it, I love it, I breathe it and I don't see my life without it, so I quit my well paying desk job to take the leap and aimed to land heavy and well set into the realm of pilates.

I'm a sister to an older sibling, I grew up in a comfortable setting in a small suburb of Sydney called Lugarno, a stones throw away from Georges River. I grew up as a tomboy, safari trucks, hot wheel cars and classic car shows were my Jam, alongside BMX extreme sports, moto GP and more. I still have this memory of lining up outside an old building with my dad all to get a signature on a poster from Mick Doohan an idol in my eyes for consecutively winning 5 x world championships riding a 500cc motorcycle.

I dreamt of being a race car driver.... I still wish I had never let that dream fizzle

But my dad told me none of his daughters would be involved with such a dangerous sport/career even though he himself is a supercargo and motogp fanatic.

Anyway, I had job after job in an office from receptionist to secretary to personal assist all within the car industry... I realised I was sick of being a PA for such disconnected and toxic people where appreciation wasn't ever given (I could get into some deep stories but I'll save that for another time... maybe).

I moved to Byron Bay almost 6 years ago to rid my life of toxicity, to take the road less travelled, to adventure more, to be around nature, to find what it was that I really wanted to do. Again I stepped back into working a desk job and started in a good position with less than 6 months to transition into a new exiting role where I got to travel. I will forever be thankful for that job, it taught me so much and the resilience and growth I gained from there I still find imperative to this very day.

So here I am, a Pilates Instructor in Byron Bay working in beautiful studios with incredible colleagues and friends & moving every 'body' that walks through the door.

There is no discrimination, body shaming, nor judgement, what makes me so happy is to see others happy, for them to succeed and for them to feel good in their own skin.

I love human beings, and alot of times we are unheard, misunderstood or battling with our own stories, for what it's worth, this is a glimpse of my story, of me, and I thank you personally for being so intrigued with my life journey.

Moments of growth, challenge and strength?

My most memorable moments of growth was in fact when I fell ill (it's hard to pin point exactly when that very moment of "living my best life" to "will my life ever be the same again". It was one of the scariest moments of my life and ongoing too. Would I lose my husband because he had to work double shifts to support me whilst inner city living was our life. We lived in Darlinghurst at the time I found out I had mold toxicity, that this point my body was exhausted, giving up the fight and slowly shutting down. I had tested positive to 12 micotoxins from living and breathing in mold (ob how I wish what I knew now).

But isn't that always the saying when we learn something that has become potentially life changing... and so the health crisis continues. Whilst I was diagnosed with this, I was continuing to struggle with my everyday life. It went from training 6 days a week, working 6 days a week to living like a potato on the couch with sunglasses on, wrapped in blankets with the sheets tucked tight and a very worn out hubby waiting for me to shout out for a hand. With a very lengthy and ongoing quest for help I was pre-diagnosed with MS (multiple sclrerosis), just for the record I didn't have MS, doctors don't always know what they've learnt through education...anyway turns out I had 2 of the 3 bacterias that form Lymes Disease, an unrecognised or unregistered disease in Australia which means I've had a lot of "there's no su here thing" or it doesn't exist" etc etc not to mention the bills for treating and working with such disease was debilitating in itself. Let's just say I had to spend years and thousands upon thousands to get better. Long story short. I've learnt that no matter where you are at, even when your at the lowest point in your life so far, there will always be an up if you find it, allow it and work hard for it. This is something I always think about, I can do it, I can say yes and I can work bloody hard because I have had to work from the bottom of my health line to get back to feeling human again.

When in your life did you feel overwhelmed / defeated? How did you come out of this situation? What did you learn from this time?

Pretty much as above experience and just really embrace the "chuck it in the f*** it bucket and move on" attitude. Without sounding too harsh but there was a lot of love and support from my husband, family and friends. You never forget those people that were there for you. Although some live pretty much on the other side of the world at the moment, we will always stay forever connected.

You are so beautiful (Honestly, if you have met Loni in person, you see the most beautiful human but most of all her personality and the way she treats, speaks, acts is so kind, caring and genuine!...) and fit! (You can tell she would give you a mighty next day burn hehe)

Benefits of pilates, why pilates? or just generally the fitness industry?

Oh dear I can not take this compliment but I will try and wear it with love. It's hard for me to enjoy a compliment, I feel as though growing up I've tainted my mind into thinking there is nothing special about me but let's park that for another day.

The benefits of pilates for me are endless. Finding where you are in space is such a beautiful connection. To hold a pose or find your way through a tricky sequence that's challenging is beautiful, allowing it to take you out of your comfort zone and to standards you've never felt your body go. So many times I've had clients in the past say they can never do "this" or "that" or there's something they have always wanted to do but lost that connection with their body, Pilates brings you that connection, I challenge you to rock up to a class (any class, although Mat pilates for me is my love). But go and join in, really listen to the cues, feel your mind connect with your body and not the outside world. So many times I can pick when clients are either switched on and focused or thinking about their day ahead. Just tap in and move your body, you'll get a feel for whether or not it's for you.

I also used to be the absolute definition of a gym junky, if I travelled I needed a gym, if there was a wedding, I'd be there after the gym, crack of dawn wake ups, I'd be there! No matter what... now I've decided to slow it down, It's all about low impact on my joints and maximum benefits. This is also coming from someone who has a lot of internal energy.

Passion, life, love, travel?

Pilates is my passion. Moving the body and learning is my passion, living my life with my hubby and 2 bulldogs is my passion, my passion is where I make it. I find passion in every aspect of my life, it's something that creates fire, love, creativity and so much more to me. My passion is also living a rad life with my friends and living in the moment, making memories and making sure there's no man or woman I cross paths with where I don't try to connect. I think it's so important nowadays to meet humans and connect with those who you may think wouldn't be riding the same path as you. I have friends of all walks of life and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

What sets your soul on fire? When do you feel really alive?

There's a few times where I feel alive!

Travelling, wow when I say I could be a gypsy, I really mean it. Forget the maps, the guides the reviews... I love to get lost in every city and eventually find my way back... it gives my husband the pits because there's plenty of times we got lost but we always found our way and for me that sets my soul on fire.

Also I really come alive in nature, bush walking or finding rivers to swim in to absolute blessed out days swimming and tanning seaside. I love nature and feel my highest self when I'm getting sun and salt Water.


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