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Chatting with Em Merrin, Part One

If anyone has ever worked out with Em, you will know she's not just an absolute babe, she trains fucking hard. I guess when I wrote these questions I was deep into a challenge and felt real inspired and honoured she said yes, I just asked questions of who I knew her as. But, since originally chatting, I have 1000 more questions for her, what she gets up to & the love she puts back into the world. We've decided to break it up into two parts because... I did also want to explore the fitness world & she's the most motivating person I follow.

Think of this as a little taster - surface level taster - a blog post to help you get up and feel inspired. Part two, coming next year... Where we get a little deeper.

What began your journey into fitness?

To be honest. I’ve always been fit in some way. Even as a kid, we lived in the sticks (not kidding, Google where Georgetown, or Normanton is in FNQ and come back to me, LOL) mum would drive me into town to do my athletics training or to play touch football. I loved playing sport or training for something. I actually started in the workforce at Coates Hire, a construction hire company, random right? Anyway I never felt happy or thought I’d find joy in working until I made the decision to do my PT Certification. I became fully qualified in 2013 and the rest is history, I fell In love with helping people!

How important is a healthy relationship with health and fitness?

It’s not just important to me me, it’s everything to me. I have had many ups and downs with the balance of health and fitness. I would say I’ve definitely gone too far with being obsessed with eating “healthy” and over training. But as I get older and learn more about myself and the industry, I have learnt to love myself and realised how AMAZING life gets when you focus on being healthy and fit for the joy of it not because you have to.

How do you have so much endurance and motivation for big runs?

I have been running for about 6 years now, on and off. It takes time, and consistency! I also have a running coach which I couldn’t live without now! (Go check out The Everyday Running Coach). I also eat like a damn horse! You cannot drive without fuel just like you can’t train without eating. Mindset is also a huge part, you are so much more capable than you think, so fucking push yourself! And lastly, I think I’m a little crazy xx

What is your go to recipe at the moment?

To be honest I’m a bit of a basic bitchhhh with food. Pretty simple, I think I make it look cute for Insta haha But at the moment I LOVE air fried tofu seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper. And then adding it to a massive salad with chick peas, dried cranberries and nuts! OK DAMN MAYBE I CAN COOK??

"What sets your soul on fire?"

MY LIFE. Is that cliche? Haha because I have worked SO hard to get myself to a place where I am so happy. Put it this way, if I won the lotto tomorrow I wouldn’t change a thing ( ok maybe baby girl would treat herself to a G wagon at least 🚗)

But truly, my work is my life. My clients, my fellow industry workers. Everything In my life comes together and it’s just so fulfilling I can’t explain it.



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