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Chatting with Amelia Dubois

Amelia from the moment you meet her radiates positive energy. She is the brain behind Milly + Wolf Vintage, she lives wholesomely and is an all-round beautiful person, how can you not feel inspired from this human?

Feeling truly lucky and inspired to share this post.


For the people reading, who are you and what does life currently look like for you? Living with intent, compassion and authenticity is everything I try to embody. I align my heart with my morals and choose to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. It is the slow, simple and wholesome living that makes me feel most content. Commuting from a small town to Los Angeles for business and pleasure, I once thrived off the hustle, big dreams and creative energy. Nowadays I run my business from a tiny nook of my home and draw inspiration in solitude. As much as I miss my life on the go, I appreciate being able to adopt a healthier work/life balance, which has allowed me to dive deeper into my self-healing journey. My life ain’t all sunshine and palm trees, but I am grateful to continue to flourish in this unknown realm we live in. I fulfil my days with small rituals that make me feel alive and energised. At the moment I can’t live without music, stretching, iced-matcha, basking in the sun, podcasts, connecting with my besties on the other side of the world/state and of course giving my fury companions an endless amount of love - simplicity is bliss! What has your work journey been? How did Milly and wolf start? And did you encounter challenges? I was 17 and straight out of school when I moved to the eastern suburbs of Sydney, where I began my career in Real Estate. My teenage dream was to move away from my hometown and give adulthood a crack. It would be a good 7 years of city-living before I felt an urge to take a step back from the fast-paced lifestyle I had endured. Moving back to the South Coast was definitely a lifestyle choice and to be closer to my family. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do moving forward career-wise, however I was lucky enough to land a job in fashion retail. I worked at a few fashion boutiques over the following years and after gaining experience in the fashion space, I took on freelance work in the industry. I took an interest in the buying aspect and found my creative outlet through merchandising, styling and creative direction. At this point my creativity was at an all time high and I was inspired to create my own business/brand that aligned 100% with my vibe, style and ethics. It was a small idea that came to fruition fast. Milly & Wolf Vintage was born before I even owned a computer! When it came to creating the brand, I steered away from all the norm, embraced my wild side and I only sold clothing that I would actually wear! This is how I still operate my business 6 years later. As a one-woman show, I am proud that Milly & Wolf has stayed true and authentic to me. As I change and evolve as a person, the brand will change and evolve right there with me. Whatever inspires me at the time will be implemented creatively throughout Milly & Wolf Vintage. This keeps my passion alive! I have had many highs and lows throughout my biz journey, including financial challenges due to making some costly mistakes along the way, but hey that is business for you, it is all trial and error, especially when you do not have experience in the field. You have to roll with the punches and learn as you go. And honestly... I am still learning and evolving everyday!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of having Milly & Wolf? Sharing my vintage finds with customers all around the world! When it comes to sourcing and hand-selecting vintage globally, there is a lot of dirty work and countless hours that goes on behind the scenes. Seeing my curated collections come to fruition and loved by many worldwide, makes it all worthwhile!

In such a saturated market full of fast fashion, how do you stay relevant? I think I stay relevant by staying true to my style and what I specialise in. Vintage jeans and tees - that shit will never get old! I won’t lie, I do jump on trends here and there, but not to stay relevant. Sometimes I am even one step ahead of the game. I still find it crazy when I see fashion labels recreate an exact 90’s vintage piece that I have once sourced. I am thankful to my customer who wants the the real deal and chooses quality over price. What are your dreams and plans for the future? Can be personal or career wise? A big dream of mine was to base Milly & wolf out of Los Angeles full-time, it was going to be the most sustainable way to operate the business, however due to the unforeseen circumstances over the past year and a half, I made the decision to focus on life here in Australia and buy my first home alongside my fiancé. For now our plan is to focus on what is in front of us and create our own tropical oasis that we are so fortunate to call our home. What sets your soul on fire? Oh boy, too many things! Right now...... Wholehearted living :) And don’t get me wrong, there are days where I feel like nothing ignites my flame and I struggle to go about my day, let alone start my day... This is usually a reminder to check in with my emotions. Rest and reset when necessary. Tomorrow is a new day…


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