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Chatting with Al Wedlock.

What a lovely email thread I have had with Alexandria Wedlock - I feel her writing speaks for itself, she has an open mind & heart. This was a fun back and forward of emails, getting to know each other a little more, the questions were straight to the point, as I was keen to have a deep and juicy chat - sharing vulnerability, living young & life.

First, who is Al?

What an overwhelming question!! I love this.

I always get stuck with this because i refuse to identify myself the "normal way" ( 22, studying this, working here) its sooo lame for me. Because we are so much then just this and that.

But to set the foundation (Haha) I am 22. I'm living on the east coast of Aus in a surfy town called Newcastle and I'm currently doing a million things at once and also nothing at all to get myself through Uni (degree of Nuclear Medicine). My passions and hobbies would honestly be surfing, people and creativity. I had the best of both worlds growing up on a farm, but my dad is a old skool krook surfer so he had me in the water before i could walk and honestly it hasn't changed since. I'm obsessed. My passion for people definitely comes down to who i am as a person, i am very much myself. (sometimes too much for inappropriate situations haha) but i am constantly the most colourful, loudest, vibrant person in the room who laughs at everything. And i love to embrace other people who are similar. I refuse social norms, whether it be gender, sexuality or who you choose to be. Being you makes me love you! and creativity is everything for me. Art, film, dance, writing. it makes you see all the beautiful things that other cant, and i like to drown myself in as much art as I can. what do you live by? And why? As i slightly mentioned earlier. i defiantly live by BEING YOURSELF. 100%. Being young, dumb, shitty choices, massive mistakes. only the past couple years I've realised (even at such a young age myself) that i could die tomorrow. And to put it even more bluntly nobody will know your name and not many people will care about what you did this one time back in school, or on the weekend at some party etc. So with that in mind take is as; if your gay/queer fuck yes. If you love this person, love them hard. If you want to make a noise make it heard. if you want to quit a law degree to move to Paris and do art. DO it! Be selfish. quit you job and run away. Make yourself known, be brilliant and live beautifully because at the end of the day you will disappear and the world will keep going on without you. When’s a time you felt completely vulnerable? And what did you take from it?

I'm vulnerable everyday ahaha. And i love that. I'm a big softy who feels everything eek!!

But from my own life experience i have had completely vulnerable moments whilst in a relationship and also when i am alone. Both i believe have given me different lessons but the same amount of growth. You learn everything and sometimes nothing and i think within that you feel so vulnerable and fragile but so so beautiful. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing, and if you can experience that without shame alone or find someone free of judgement who sees you in that vulnerability you truly are winning at life. Most moments of vulnerability have shown me how temporary everything in life is. Lovers, low moments, friendships, the worst and also the best moments in life will end. And that's ok. Life is beautiful and weird.

I truely am obsessed with the subtle intensity of these questions. Like they don’t seem like much but when you sit and think about it my mind starts spiralling and I love that hehe

What sets my soul on fire?

Honestly so much. I have moments where I happy cry and I believe that’s the moment when your everything goes quiet and you truely see life for what it is and you get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

It would be the moments where I’m in the ocean, the sun is on my face. The wind is clam. For a moment the world goes quiet, and you look around and see people smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves and not thinking about anything else but the present moment.

It lights me up so much and honestly sets my soul on fire. We have so much hate, and harshness in the world that I think some people don’t know how to enjoy the beautiful shit. And even though this is the most simple and subtle moments you can have in life, it makes all the difference and makes me feel so fucking alive and beautiful, that nothing else matters.

Tehe, so corny and I love it



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