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Chatting with Abi

Abi is a long time friend, who I have recently reconnected with. She speaks with vulnerability and acts with compassion. I really admire her resilience and attitude. This blog post is more a vulnerable, exposing chat between two friends. Sharing grief, love, manifestation - life. This "chat" has two components. First part, getting to understand what has been going on for Ab during her healing journey, my response and Ab's reply.

You are an open book, what do you get from this? and what do you lose? (with this what I am trying to refer to is, (because I'm the same) being over-empathic, over sharing for others to take advantage or in a positive way - connect at a deeper level.

  • Open book to inspire or help others

  • Create a strong personal connection or bond

  • Judgement & criticism - ALOT

  • Over-empathetic or Insane? (it was once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results)

  • My power of being an open book is being drained by assholes who don't acknowledge or appreciate the worth behind my words

  • In my past, I have been fairly poor in judgement (muting the intuitive voice in my head) leading to many people turning my truth into nothing but manipulation and gaslighting.

What experiences / challenges in your life made you who you are? What have you learnt?

Experiences As above taken advantage of in relationships (romantic and friendly) since I was a teenager. Including;

  • Mental and physical abuse from partners in high school - leading to more in the future

  • Heartbreak

  • Drug abuse - myself and partners

  • Witness of partner suicide attempt, close friend suicide, miscarriage and murder of partners dad all within 12 months

  • Abandoned when in dark / low places by people I trusted

  • Mental health issues


  • Dwelling and soaking in my sorrow was only draining my energy further

  • Training my thought pattern would benefit me immensely

  • Finding what makes me happy and practicing that (over putting all your energy into other people's happiness)

  • Focusing on inner healing and peace

  • Set strong boundaries

  • Stop trying to fix broken people when you are in pieces yourself

  • Support of close friends, family and people going through similar things

What made you start your business?

Well, I actually had my makeup business 'AJ Makeup Pad' for around 5 years before starting my brow journey. To be completely raw with you. I was very bored with makeup. It became somewhat of a chore to me and I didn't want to be putting my energy into something that wasn't giving it back in return. When moving back from Newcastle I was encouraged by a good girlfriend to open a beauty shop in town. As we didn't / don't have any beauticians in Coota, I really thought about it. In the end I asked myself what it was I still enjoyed about doing makeup and the answer was brows. I had been following Lana Tarek on Instagram for years and absolutely loved her work. I travelled to Sydney and completed a course with her and violà, here we are. Once I started, I fell in love. I was completely obsessed. I wasn't only obsessed with creating magic on my clients, but I found it calmed my anxiety being able to connect with so many beautiful people. Brows is my new therapy!

What is A brows and Body? and How / (will - does) your service offer more than brows?

A Brows & Body is more than just brows. I dream of it being a space filled with magical calming energy, a space that makes you feel safe and cared for. Not only do I want to help bring my clients self-loving energy, but I want to build deep connections, allowing and encouraging them to speak freely about taboo subjects that might not be discussed anywhere else. I want to encourage and normalise conversations around topics such as mental health, sexuality and sex. That being said, I decided to donate $1 from every service to Beyond Blue. As it is my therapy to work my magic on you and for you, I want you to use your appointment time (if you feel safe enough) to vent about anything you like. If you want relaxing music or a guided meditiations, ask for it. If you want to sit in silence, relax or manifest, let me know and I will ensure our environment is as still and peaceful as possible. My main dream for A Brows & Body is listen and inspire.

What are you manifesting at the moment? / dreams / aspirations? (Please note, this was answered a month or so ago)

Today, being the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius, I am burning incense and planning my witchy ritual for tonight. I am currently seeing the rewards of the intentions I set for the New Moon a few weeks ago, the main two being to stay true to my intuition and honor my power. All of my manifestations are set to better me piece by piece and to help me on my healing journey. I am currently learning how to manifest through my Yoni (if you follow my business page, you would have seen me post about it). I have been experimenting with my sexual power and finding ways to turn this into creative energy. Creative energy to assist with deep psychical, emotional and spiritual healing. I have always been in tune with my sexuality, listening to what my body desires; therefore I have found manifesting through sexual pleasure works magically (not to mention the built-up, mind-blowing orgasm). I am currently waiting on a new beautiful Rose Quarts Yoni Egg to assist with the strength of the energy going into my manifestations.

Lastly, what sets your soul on fire?

Love. Lust. Sex. Passion.


Connecting. Creating. Inspiring.

Self Love. Self Care. GETTING DEEPER WITH AB -

(Please note, there was chats via socials, but adding just our email thread)

Ab, wow. I am shocked, I didn't realise you have been through any of that. I'm so sorry. You could talk about anything more in depth if you were keen, it all has made you who you are, I'm sorry if this was a rough reflection time. I guess my first thinking was, in the time, you didn't listen to your intuition, at what moment, did you start? and how hard was it to re-create boundaries for yourself again?

Loss is so hard and reading how much loss you have had, puts life into perspective. I really don't even know what to speak about from there because, you've been through some rough times. But fuck, as I was reading your email I thought, fuck Ab knows herself, everything is aligning for you. So proud of you for kicking life in the balls and using experiences not only to grow but to help others. The world needs more people like you.

Morning sugar,

I’m back 💛 and you are too kind! I’m sure life has thrown you some not so nice experiences, we all deal with life so differently though. Something that may be wounding to me, may not effect others in the slightest. And visa versa. The only thing that we seem to be able to grasp and control is our reaction and our growth from these life hiccups.

My intuitive voice has always been there, but I have only started to listen to it and trust it within the past year. As I have become more focused on my self and started practicing aligning my body, mind and spirit, my intuition speaks louder and I am able to stop over analysing the conscious reasoning behind these thoughts.

The hardest thing for me is trying to determine what thoughts are intuitive and what thoughts are my anxious mind playing tricks on me. But I guess this has always kept me on my toes and I have always subconsciously dealt with all the possible outcomes in my head, before it happens. This habit (I assume) would stem from unhealthy relationships in my past.

Loss in life is natural and it may feel mentally and physically depleting at the time (or forever, as I said everyone is different), but I have learnt to take loss as a stepping stone to new beginnings and a new outlook on myself and my life. Taking moments of pain as they come but discovering how to turn this pain into a reason for bettering yourself, your mind and your coping strategies.

We experience so much loss in life - that sometimes we lose ourselves in those moments. I had lost so much in my life and put all my energy into dwelling over this pain that I lost sight of who I am. Then one day I just clicked and said fuck it.. find yourself!! Set boundaries and stop playing the submissive part for those hurting you. Fuck all these negative and hurtful experiences off and start working on the person you want to be. And that has brought me to where I am today.

None of it has been easy and some days I feel like I am back in square one. But at the end of the day I know I have done everything I can and I remind myself that healing is a journey, and a very long one at that.

Currently sitting in the sun - sipping on my tea (from Ohti 🤭🤍) - soaking up all the warmth and energy for my day!

Love Ab xxx

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