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Chatting to Georgie Mcginley

Georgie girl has been a very close friend of mine for many years now, we've celebrated, cried, fucked up, laughed, made some great decisions and not so great decisions together. She is more a sister than a friend.George isn't the type of girl to talk herself up she see's things how they are. I admire Georgie and hold a spot for her very close to my heart. I feel honoured in the trust she has to share her experiences of loss, the reality of having the "dream" job and Bali during covid on the blog.

*** please note, this chat discusses suicide.

Who is Georgie? hehe

Hey girl! Who am I? Well i'm just a regular girl that grew up on the beautiful South Coast of NSW in Jervis Bay. I love travel, nice food, summer and my friends and family! When i'm not working you will find me at the beach with my partner and friends or at home in the kitchen cooking, as this is one of my passions.

What made you the beautiful human you are? Resilient, Caring, Hard-working,


haha thanks for being so kind Elle! I have one word for that and it's my mother! My father sadly lost his battle with depression when I was 12 years old and my brother was 10. I have learnt from her to be grateful for what I have and that you just have to keep going even when life gets tough. Watching her and learning how to be a strong independent women is something I cannot thank her enough for. She has made me the woman I am today.

Having you as one of my closest friends for a while now, I've seen you heal and

expand. I know your experiences have made you the amazing human you are.

But how did it feel in the time? To accept experiences out of your control?

With my Dad passing away so suddenly and tragically there is nothing anyone could have done to prepare me. I had just started year 7 in a new school in a new area and unfortunately my dads suicide was talked about on the news which then spread rumours through my new school. So trying to fit in became really hard because I was known as the girl whose dad killed himself, this still affects me to this day. I placed a lot of blame on myself for years wondering why I wasn't enough to keep him alive.

I have spent time with councillors that really helped me understand mental health and depression. Talking to them and working on myself and my thoughts is the reason I have been able to heal and stop blaming myself. I think it is so important for all of us to see a counsellor at least once in our lives, there is something so powerful about owning your own mental health and admitting when you're not feeling good.

What have you taken from these experiences? What rituals, or self-discovery tools,

do you still use / learnt to heal and accept?

I still struggle now with bad thoughts and especially as I get older I always wish that my dad could see me working, or I often think about the fact that he won't be here to walk me down the aisle or to meet his grandchildren one day. But the most important thing I always tell myself is that he is at peace now and he wouldn't want to see me feeling down and caught up about those things. I know he is happy now and looking down on me so that is what keeps me happy. I focus a lot on treating people kindly and I believe strongly in Karma this is something my Dad taught me. The main thing for me now is to live a life that he would be proud of.

What was it like to work with your partner, in a "dream" job?

Well back in 2019 my partner and I were offered a job with a Luxury Surf Experience company which bas