Ash & Morgy from Ember Pilates

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Who is the face behind ember Pilates?

Ash & Morgy

ASH: We met 11 years ago (gosh, we’re old!) at Macquarie University. We were studying different degrees (Morgs was deep in a Finance degree and Ash in Psychology and Health), however our paths crossed thanks to our love of sport and netball at university games! Many netball games, a trip to the Gold Coast and a few wines later we realised we had a lot of common interests and the friendship continued from there!

Nowadays we both live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and absolutely LOVE our lifestyle. We have a really good balance of work, sunshine and wine time together.

How would you describe yourself to somebody who had never met you?

MORGS: Outdoor enthusiast, addicted to activities, salty, confident and forever curious.

Ash: Turbo! Always moving, catching up (and drinking!) with friends, addicted to adventure and anything that challenges me.

What was the process of creating your own online platform?

We both have a background in health and fitness, so working in the industry has always been a long-term goal, but we never really knew what we were destined to do. Throughout covid, we spent a few (probably too many!) nights sitting on Ash’s balcony with a G&T discussing our future goals and dreams. We wanted to open a studio that supported both men and women in fitness. A one-stop-shop for the sportsman, weightlifter, busy mum and fitness lover. We combined our business, finance and partnership skills alongside our Pilates and PT qualifications and took a chance!

How is ember different from other platforms and more than just Pilates?

In our experience, it can feel overwhelming scrolling through