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Ash & Morgy from Ember Pilates

*We aim to aspire to inspire as we chat to others, picking their brains, exploring their passions. All posts are raw & unedited because f**k none of us are perfect & it is time to celebrate that - I'm here for the honest & real, you?

Ash & Morgy

ASH: We met 11 years ago (gosh, we’re old!) at Macquarie University. We were studying different degrees (Morgs was deep in a Finance degree and Ash in Psychology and Health), however our paths crossed thanks to our love of sport and netball at university games! Many netball games, a trip to the Gold Coast and a few wines later we realised we had a lot of common interests and the friendship continued from there!

Nowadays we both live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and absolutely LOVE our lifestyle. We have a really good balance of work, sunshine and wine time together.

How would you describe yourself to somebody who had never met you?

MORGS: Outdoor enthusiast, addicted to activities, salty, confident and forever curious.

Ash: Turbo! Always moving, catching up (and drinking!) with friends, addicted to adventure and anything that challenges me.

We both have a background in health and fitness, so working in the industry has always been a long-term goal, but we never really knew what we were destined to do. Throughout covid, we spent a few (probably too many!) nights sitting on Ash’s balcony with a G&T discussing our future goals and dreams. We wanted to open a studio that supported both men and women in fitness. A one-stop-shop for the sportsman, weightlifter, busy mum and fitness lover. We combined our business, finance and partnership skills alongside our Pilates and PT qualifications and took a chance!

In our experience, it can feel overwhelming scrolling through hundreds of workouts online trying to choose what to do. ember takes the guessing game out of it. Our Pilates workouts are uploaded on a Sunday night at 10.00pm AEST, live for 7 days, and then removed and refreshed with 5 NEW workouts and 2 NEW stretch classes the next week. You can workout with us anytime, anywhere but we want to hold you accountable to meet us on the mat.

On top of this, we are so much more than just Pilates and exercise. We encourage our community to look at their health and wellness holistically. We run challenges quarterly that focus on establishing new healthy habits (maybe it’s increasing their step count, or taking 10 minutes to stretch daily). We also love to host live IGTV’s on our account and run in person workshops with industry experts that help to educate our community (think nutritionists, naturopaths, dermatologists, sports doctors and fertility experts). We’ve also cultivated a really beautiful Facebook community that allows our members to connect and learn from one another .. and often the conversation is so much more than just movement. This year we are looking to launch a really exciting nutrition arm to the business with our good friend Lilly Lloyd, so that will be another way in which we support our community!

Are you a food for nourishment kind of person or food for survival? I love your food on the blog, what is your absolute favourite, or favourites?

ASH: Yes I couldn't agree more. We both eat A LOT, because we train a lot! Food is fuel, without it we can’t be our best self in work (who wants brain fog?), life and fitness (the more you eat, the better you perform).

We are lucky enough to work with some awesome nutritionists through ember, so we have access to a number of delicious and nutritious recipes. Here are two our our favorites:

For something nutritious:

Baked Salmon with asian greens:

For something naughty:

MORGS: Having a positive impact on the people around me. Whether that’s helping someone achieve their goals, making them laugh, sharing knowledge and experiences, sparking their creativity or confidence… We’re all in this together to support, challenge and empower one another to be the best version of ourselves.

ASH: Like Morgs, people and the energy that surrounds me is what sets my soul on fire, therefore I would say I'm in a position where my entire life sets my soul on fire (am I allowed to say that?!)

  1. I have an incredible business, ember. The clients we get to help/ befriend and train with on a daily basis are just amazing. I sometimes forget that it’s a job and they are the ones seeking my advice (not the other way around!)

  2. The people I am lucky enough to call my friends & family bring me so much joy, support and laughter on a daily basis

  3. I own a business in an industry I am incredibly passionate about, with my best mate (how many people get to say that!?)

  4. I have a “day job” (although I kind of hate that phrase) that supports my lifestyle and business ambitions, and is also in an industry that seeks to help others build their own dreams, whilst they support mine (thanks Shopify!)

  5. Oh, and I live right next to the ocean.. nothing is more soul nourishing than a dip in the ocean right?!

.. the list could go on. I truly feel like I am currently in a position in life, after working really hard to get here, where my soul is nourished daily.

There 21 day challenge is starting in 5 days and it looks epic! If you would like to check it out xxxx


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