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You might be wondering, why start with loungewear, ceramics and tea?

They all go hand in hand, without limiting different directions for evolving in the future. Personally, I become the best version of myself when i'm cruising with a cuppa, feeling good in loungewear and i'm biased but I love anything ceramic, it has a certain feel... if you know, you know.

Ceramics are hand made by me, clothes by a friend and tea ethically sourced from around the world but, sold in Australia. Therefore, Ohti's supply change varies and if for some reason, shit hits the fan, can still keep this passion project moving forward.

Once Ohti settles in, new items will appear to hopefully meet new needs. If you have any request regarding different materials, personalised ceramics or a flavour of tea you love, hit us up at

New Products / Collaborations are in the works, keep your eyes peeled on instagram @ohtisocials

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